Tooth Extraction

Removal of a tooth, or extraction, happens when there is no other treatment choice to save the tooth. Problems that can lead to a tooth extraction include very large cavities, failed root canal procedures, splitting of the tooth, fracture or break of the tooth, not enough tooth structure remaining, infections, trauma, pain, periodontal issues such as mobility, and inadequate space for the tooth.

Types of Tooth Removal

There are two kinds of tooth extraction – simple and surgical

Simple Tooth Extraction

Simple extractions occur when the tooth is exposed and can be removed without cutting the tooth, the surrounding bone, or the supporting gum tissue.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

Surgical extractions occur when there is a need to section the tooth or remove the tissue or bone to get all parts of the tooth out. This occurs when an extraction cannot be performed simply.

Sutures may or not be placed, depending on your specific situation. If placed, we will have self-dissolving sutures that will come out naturally within 7-10 days.

Fargo Dental Extraction

Dr. Jeff will perform your tooth extraction right here in his Fargo dental office! In cases where there is a very difficult extraction that is best managed by an oral surgeon, he will make that recommendation for you. The teeth we will refer to an oral surgeon usually involve preservation of bone for a replacement option down the road, wisdom teeth, sinus management, nerve concerns, or patients with an extensive medical history.

Dental Extraction Emergencies

We know a lot of extractions are emergencies, so we do our best to get you an appointment for an evaluation and an x-ray to find out what type of extraction is right for you. While we cannot guarantee a same-day extraction, we can provide care to get you out of discomfort until we can get the tooth removed. Ask us to schedule an appointment to get a tooth extracted!

Replacing Missing Teeth

Dr. Jeff can help talk about options on how to replace that tooth in the future. Dental Implants are often a great replacement for the most natural fit and feel for you!