Root Canals

Get Toothache Relief in Fargo

Fargo woman who no longer has a toothache thanks to a root canalRoot canal procedures have a reputation for being the worst thing to happen in a dental office. However, we have good news! This is only a myth. The truth is that root canals are not much different than a regular tooth filling.

Here in our Fargo dentist office, we make it a point to give you the highest quality care and compassion. That includes making your root canal treatment comfortable, effective, and as stress-free as possible.

What Is a Root Canal?

The tooth is made of several different parts. The outer layer, or the part we see, is made of enamel. Just under that is dentin, which is the material that gives a tooth its shape. In the very center of the tooth is the pulp, which is filled with nerves, blood vessels, and soft tissues.

The pulp fills the center of the tooth crown, and it runs down into the roots through a canal in the center. In other words, a root canal.

If the pulp in the root canal becomes exposed to particles or infection, it can become an extremely painful toothache, due to all the nerves. To relieve that toothache, it is necessary to clean out any tooth infection.

That is exactly what a root canal treatment does.

Using a long, flexible tool that can get into the root of the tooth, we clean out any infection, replace lost tissue with a filling, and cap the tooth with a sealing crown. It really is that simple.

Will a Root Canal Hurt?

There is a lot of pain involved in having a tooth infection. The pain will not go away on its own, and it may even spread to other parts of the tooth. Fortunately, a root canal procedure will actually relieve that pain.

The procedure itself uses anesthetic, the most modern tools available, and current methodology to provide this healing relief. Just as with any other dental procedure, it is designed to be as pain-free as possible.

Rest assured that a root canal treatment will not be a dramatic and tragic process.

woman who had a tooth infection treated at Designer Smiles in FargoFor Patients Who Still Feel Anxious

If the idea of a root canal makes you feel apprehensive, we understand! We offer sedation dentistry to help ease your fears, so you can enjoy comfort and peace of mind while we restore your oral health.

Talk to our staff about sedation and find out how soothing your appointment can be!

Why Should I Get a Root Canal?

When you have a severe tooth infection, a root canal procedure can:

  • Save your tooth from complete removal.
  • Relieve the pain of a toothache.
  • Prevent infection from spreading to other teeth.

All of these benefits are part of delivering the oral health you deserve.

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