General Dentistry

Maintain Dental Health In Fargo With Good Dental Hygiene

Choosing a dentist is an important personal decision. We understand how crucial it is to have a caring, compassionate dentist that you can trust. Your dentist plays a major role in the health of your smile and how it fundamentally affects the quality of your life.

Dental Health – It’s About Trust

At Designer Smiles, we make it a priority to earn and keep your trust from your very first appointment. We strive to offer an advanced level of expertise, diverse range of services, and focalized personal attention. Whether it’s creating your perfect smile or keeping your teeth healthy for a lifetime, we are here to help you and your family develop a customized dental hygiene and maintenance plan to meet your dental goals.

All Things Smiles

Some of the exceptional services we provide include:

We work hard to establish a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere at our Fargo dentist office location. Our staff will make sure that your appointment is as stress-free as possible. Our Fargo dentists and hygienists are committed to giving you a happy, healthy smile. Their passion for dentistry is evident in their caring concern for each patient’s dental health. They will work with you to ensure that your smile goals are met.

Designing Healthy Smiles

It can be helpful to have refreshers on effective dental hygiene routines at home. Our team has put together some educational videos on proper tooth brushing, whether you’re using traditional or electric toothbrushes. This video can help you determine which toothbrush is right for you!

CariVu Detection Device

Although brushing and flossing are a key way to prevent serious dental issues, we want to help you however we can. Early detection of cavities and other dental issues means early treatment. We love using the CariVu detection device here at Designer Smiles!

This amazing piece of technology allows us to spot hard-to-find cracks, lesions, and cavities by means of transillumination. When we shine the CariVu light onto your teeth, healthy enamel appears as transparent in the images taken, whereas damaged areas—which are often more porous—have an entirely different texture.

This scanner is not only extremely effective at early detection of dental problems, but it is also proven to be safe for all ages. Even those who traditionally have difficulty with x-rays can comfortably receive CariVu diagnostic scans.

Learn More About Healthy Smiles

If you’d like to learn more about how to improve your dental hygiene, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call our Fargo dentist office today to schedule a general dentistry appointment. We serve patients from all over the West Fargo and Moorhead areas.