A Facial Or Filling?

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A Facial Or Filling In Fargo?

At Designer Smiles, we know that we can’t completely fool you. When you receive treatment at our comfortable cosmetic dentistry practice, you won’t actually believe you are at a plush Fargo spa relaxing with cucumbers over your eyes. Just because we can’t recreate an identical Fargo spa experience, that doesn’t stop us from trying. We […]

Don’t Let Poor Oral Health Take You Out Of The Game

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Fargo cosmetic dental and tooth implants

It’s hard to win a gold medal if you have a toothache. A recent study cited in the British Journal of Sports Medicine explored how poor oral health affects athletic performance at the elite level. “More than 40% of athletes were bothered by their oral health with 28% reporting an impact on quality of life […]

Afraid Of The Dentist? Sedation Dentistry Can Help

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Afraid of the Dentist? Your Fargo Sedation Dentist Can Help

If you live near Fargo and experience severe anxiety when undergoing (or even thinking about!) dental treatment, oral sedation dentistry is for you. Conscious sedation dentistry is available in Fargo. Whether it is called relaxation dentistry, oral conscious sedation, sleep dentistry, or anxiety-free dentistry, it is completely safe and very popular for nervous restorative and […]

Why Aren’t You Smiling?

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Fargo Dentistry

Hello, I’m Dr. Dennis Hetland DDS. My dental practice is called Designer Smiles. We are located at 3525 25th St S in Fargo (58104), and you can reach us by calling 701-298-9400. You can probably imagine why I look at smiles everywhere I go in the Fargo area. Whether I am working with a dental […]

Missing Teeth In Fargo? Dentures And Implants Restore Smiles

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Missing Teeth In Fargo? Dentures And Implants Restore Smiles

If you have had years of dental problems or are embarrassed by your teeth, our high tech team at Designer Smiles can help you find the restoration procedure right for you. You could be a candidate for complete or partial dentures or dental implants. A removable replacement for missing teeth, dentures can be made in advance […]

Fargo Dental News: What To Expect After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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News From Your Fargo Dentist: What To Expect After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

For the 65 percent of Fargo adults who develop wisdom teeth in their late teens or early twenties, Designer Smiles generally recommends removal. Wisdom teeth can damage adjacent teeth, nerves and, due to their awkward positioning, can increase risk of tooth decay and gum disease. They often come in crooked, crowding the other teeth and […]

Modern Dentistry With No Oxen Hooves Near West Fargo

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Modern General Dentistry With No Oxen Hooves Near Moorhead

Hi, my name is Dennis Hetland and my staff and I at Designer Smiles have been providing excellent dental care for the people of North Dakota since 1996. One of the most crucial elements of good dental health is daily tooth brushing with an effective toothpaste. There is a wide variety of toothpastes available. I […]

Oral Conscious Sedation

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Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry Near Moorhead

Some people experience severe anxiety when undergoing dental treatment. With oral conscious sedation, it is possible to relax during dental procedures instead of being tense and fearful. Oral sedation dentistry, relaxation dentistry, conscious sedation and anxiety-free dentistry are all terms used to describe this type of treatment. In addition to alleviating anxiety, oral conscious sedation […]