Protect Your Enamel, Protect Your Teeth

This message from Designer Smiles in Fargo ND is about tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body, and well-suited to protect your teeth. If you keep your tooth enamel healthy, you will avoid many dental ailments. Your risk of getting cavities goes way down. Your teeth will be less likely to chip or crack. You will avoid many causes of tooth stains.

It’s best to form enamel-healthy habits when you’re young, but it’s never too late to protect it. There are many other health benefits as well.

For Healthy Tooth Enamel, Avoid The Following

  • Eating Sticky Food: Gummy candy, protein bars, and dried fruit can break teeth.
  • Chewing On Hard Foods: For example, beef jerky and pitted fruits.
  • Grinding Teeth: If you grind your teeth, talk to us. Grinding can cause headaches, tooth damage, and gum recession. An appliance can guard your enamel.
  • Drinking Anything Besides Water: If your teeth are awash in sugary – or diet – carbonated beverages, juice, coffee, or sports drinks constantly, your enamel will suffer from the acids and sugar.
  • Playing Sports Without a Mouthguard: Sports pose a major risk of tooth damage. Custom-fitted mouth-guards from your dentist are more comfortable than the boil-and-bite type.

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