Fact And Fiction: Teeth Whitening in Fargo

Fargo Teeth Whitening and VeneersYou look in the mirror and can’t help noticing: your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be. What to do? Try that new toothpaste your heard about? Or would be better off with professional teeth whitening at Designer Smiles in Fargo?

Some dentists guarantee fantastic results for any patient that desires a whiter smile. At Designer Smiles we offer our patients three options, including a  do-it-yourself, take-home bleaching kit. It starts with an impression we’ll take of your teeth, in order to create fitted trays. The rest is up to you, and it’s easy: the kit includes a strong bleaching gel that produces great results.

There are also whitening toothpastes and rinses you can pick up at the drugstore. They’re safe and effective, although not as effective as our take-home bleaching kit or in-office procedure.

We also offer our patients professional strength teeth whitening strips, and Zoom! whitening. Zoom! whitening is a fast, in-office procedure that offers excellent results.

One thing to remember: if you have any crowns in the front of your mouth, or gums that have receded, conventional tooth-whitening may not be successful. In that case, porcelain veneers may be a better solution for you. There are several brands available.

Schedule a consultation with Designer Smiles in Fargo, and we can see what your best teeth whitening option is. We also practice general dentistry, and offer other procedures.

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