Eating Got You Down, Fargo?

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cost of dental crowns Fargo

People with missing teeth know that chewing can be difficult and painful. If you are looking at the cost of dental implants in Fargo and feel uncertain whether this is the step you ought to take, come see Dennis Hetland DDS at Designer Smiles to learn all about tooth implants. Dental implants are usually the best permanent tooth replacement for Fargo people whose missing teeth make it hard to chew and eat.

Improving a smile beyond just the functional needs can also be explored during an informative consultation with Dr. Dennis Hetland. We’ll offer straightforward advice about restoring your smile while keeping affordability in mind. Call to set up a personal cosmetic dentistry consultation today: 701-298-9400

With experience in teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, restorative dentistry, and even general dentistry, we’ll answer your questions without a “hard-sell” approach. The choice has always been with the patient.

If you have missing teeth, come see our high tech team to improve your eating experience. (Haven’t you waited long enough?)

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