3 Point Checklist Before Your Dental Consultation

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Looking for a dentist in Fargo, North Dakota 58104 because you’re losing the battle with buildup, chipped teeth, tooth pain, stains or decay? I’m Dr. Dennis Hetland with Designer Smiles since 1996. This article offers 3 steps to take before you arrive at our office for a consultation.

The state of your mouth is important to your well-being both emotionally and physically. Everyone wants to make a positive impression when they smile or speak. We understand that. The look, the odor, the feel, the functionality of your biting surfaces are so important to your everyday experience that we recognize our important role in finding solutions to these issues.

Of course, your very first step is making contact. Please call 701-298-9400 or visit us at 3525 25th St S Fargo, North Dakota 58104 or online at https://www.fargodentalcare.com/services/.

After you schedule a consultation with our high tech team members here at Designer Smiles please take a moment to review the following checklist for a productive appointment experience:
1. Understand your hygiene routine and gaps in technique or consistency.
When do you brush your teeth? Do you floss? How often? If not, why? We can review your habits and determine what is holding you back, if anything.
2. Identify pain or problem areas throughout your mouth.
Persistent or intermittent? Sharp or dull? Triggered by hot or cold? Living with pain is unnecessary with the technology and expertise available these days. Sometimes there are easy solutions to seemingly big pains. Let us address all your aches.
3. What do you want  your smile to look like?
If you can describe your ideal smile, we can discuss how to achieve it. There are numerous possibilities for an exceptional smile makeover as well as dental maintenance procedures. Cosmetic dentistry runs the gamut from teeth whitening to veneers to dental implants.

We anticipate you’ll have questions about the cost of porcelain veneers, cost and time commitment for dental implants, possibility of invisible braces, the price of filling a cavity or placing a crown. We will have answers for you. We are equipped and trained in procedures perfect for your concerns and needs. We see patients for dental implants, restorative dentistry, porcelain veneers, general dentistry, or teeth whitening. We assist patients in reaching their dental goals through TruDenta headache relief, sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and many other affordable procedures.

When it comes to looking for a dentist in Fargo or the neighboring Fargo, Fargo, or Fargo communities please know that you will be in capable hands with me, Dr. Dennis Hetland and my awesome team of friendly and capable dental professionals.

Dennis Hetland
Designer Smiles
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